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UAC Concrete Contractors also performs structurel concrete pours and has served lay concrete for some of the most contemporary iconic buildings in America which is some thing were very proud of. We work with many on-site companies as a staff to get a job finished. We know when dealing with any concrete that timing is every thing so some other guys to come in and do their work. We ensure to always keep in contact with the on-site manager to ensure we’re ready to come in and do our work in the allotted window of time.

We also target on industrial and commercial floor upkeep which differs from stain removal and crack filling as well as surface refinishing. Being in virtually any of these environments you really want to ensure your floors are amount and crack free as any damages to the floor could turn in to a nasty accident for an unsuspecting member of the public that can in turn most likely turn in to a lawsuit against your company.

Our Providers:
Since the organization was created back in 1986 we have slowly grown to where we have a point of contact in every state in America. Our once small organization has turned in to a vast network that links clients with qualified and licensed technicians who specialize in a wide range of concrete and flooring organization providers.

We usually like to think here at UAC Concrete Companies that irrespective of what flooring dilemma you may be facing we have an answer for you. If you might be looking for a expert company that deals with concrete pouring then we can deliver that services for you with our staff of knowledgeable contractors. Should you be seeking for someone to refinish your floors with a concrete coating to safeguard the integrity of the floor then we have a team just purely dedicated to providing that services for you.

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